J. Rocket Ibanez is a contemporary artist who currently focuses on abstract figurative painting with a thematic focus on the intersection of poetry and painting. Other hats that have been worn and are occasionally put back on for short periods of time include commercial graphic designer, digital artist, published poet, children’s book illustrator and watercolorist, and web designer and developer. A new hat that has been under construction in the last year is muralist. Ibanez’s work has been shown in Puerto Rico, Florida and North Carolina, and is in personal collections across the United States. 

Ibanez was raised in Gainesville, Florida to a large, boisterous Puerto Rican family and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with a wife, daughter shaped dinosaur, and exceedingly old dog. When not painting, writing, digitizing, drinking coffee, or speaking in third person, Ibanez can usually be found traveling, talking way too much, and incessantly listening to music. 

If interested in working with Ibanez by way of commission, collaboration, or contract, contact either through the contact form or email at jrocketibanez@gmail.com.