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A Little About Me

Johnny Rocket Ibanez is an illustrator, designer, web developer and writer who focuses on the convergence of different mediums to translate and develop ideas. As a designer and photographer Johnny has worked on advertising design, art direction, wedding material design, logo design, web design and flyers and posters, with a photography focus on event photography. As an illustrator Johnny has had several solo exhibitions, and has worked on projects ranging from logo design to book illustration to commissioned work.

Johnny has graduated a few times, with a BA in English, an AS in Graphic Design and Digital Media, and a Certification in Interactive Media Design, and is “fluent” in HTML(5), CSS(3), PHP and Javascript as well as the ins and outs of SEO, UX and web security 101. When not making things, programming things or writing things, Johnny lives and travels with a wife and two dogs who think they are a cat and a bear, respectively.

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Artist's Statement

Johnny’s visual storytelling pulls from classical American cartooning and sequential art, a wide range of artistic influences, and the poetry writing tradition and world to explore and break down themes, patterns and our visual experience in a way that strives to connect to the viewer on a variety of levels, and further positive conversations on various subjects.


Web Development

As both a graphic designer and a front end programmer, with 10 years experience in the field, I strive to create websites that are both beautiful and functionally sound, paying detailed attention to the aesthetic, the bones, and the user experience. I am experienced in PHP, JS, HTML and CSS, as well as SEO and Wordpress development.


Graphic Design

As a designer I work on everything from branding, logos and identity to print media design, from posters to screen media, including social media and online marketing, photography and web design. 



I work to bring digital media and traditional media together to convey whatever it is that needs to be conveyed, be it a client commission, a gallery piece or another project.


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