Changing Maine Directory: Responsive Web Design & Development

Responsive Web Design & Development

Changing Maine is the online version of the seventh edition of a directory of non-profit, grassroots, progressive, social change and social service organizations and agencies throughout the State of Maine. Organized and published by Resources for Social Change out of Maine, the first edition came out in 1986, and has been updated periodically throughout the years to keep listings current and up to date.

When CMD came to me, they were in desperate need of an updating and overhauling of their online directory, and needed someone who was willing and able to deliver on a budget, being that they were a non-profit. At the time, their directory was essentially a written list cut and pasted in a self-built Wordpress website. They needed a directory where the listings were dynamic, searchable, individual and dynamic, and a website that was scalable and allowed for an easy to use but robust set of community tools such as an event calendar for Maine organizations. 

This is where I came in. Being that they were on a budget, and that limited the hours I had to put in, I took a very basic existing directory framework and customized it and built it out as I was able, fleshing out and customizing the custom post types for the listings, migrating and editing the 1536 listings they had, and customizing an event calendar from an existing plugin, to build the directory they needed to grow. 

They’re a great organization, doing great work, and I was happy to be a part of that growth. Check them out.