MD Wellness: Identity, Branding, Web Design and Development

Identity, Branding, Web Design and Development

MDWellness is a Florida-based nutrition and wellness brand, distributing globally curated health products and providing weight loss coaching services. Their goal is to providing the highest quality products and services to help individuals reach optimum health through nutrition, exercise and supplements. They were rebranding, and their e-commerce website was old, outdated, with a non-accessible, non-functional e-commerce platform. Additionally, what with changing their name, branding, and website, they needed a new logo.



MDWellness was ready for a complete overhaul and update, although they came with a distinct sense of identity, and knew what they wanted. They needed to balance the clinical, professional feel of a medical practice/business, with their overall theme of welcoming, holistic wellness, and they needed this balance to be communicated consistently across their branding, website functionality and storytelling. As they had a big vision, and a lot they wanted to do, the biggest challenge would be implementing the right combination of browsing filters, galleries, featured content, embedded recipes, and lateral navigation opportunities, while still weaving that passion and purpose into new and existing pages, and doing so in a scalable way that paved the way for building up moving forward. They needed a strong foundation.


When we approached designing MDWellness’s new site, we adopted same holistic, warm yet clean style that we created in their new branding. We used the color combination of warm earth tones of green and charcoal gray, with a more clinical blue, as well as light script typography to convey a sense of ease and whimsy, along with a photographic theme of green active spaces and medically themed patterns. Our goal was to showcase the products and to guide users to get the information they need, to encourage conversions


The new MDWellness website brings their brand story to life through clean, intuitive home and product pages as well as new pages that connect with visitors by sharing their mission and goals. Improved Call to Action sections and custom contact form, as well as an improved Product page and navigation towards it were developed for easier conversions. User experience is dramatically improved through intuitive search capabilities, organic and easy to use navigation, and two-click maximum destination navigation. The new website provides a strong, seamless platform for their store as well as a trusted educational resource on nutrition and wellness.