Happy New Years, Arctic Freezes and Other Surprises

And no, this wasn’t staged. He’s just that much of a ham. We need a GQ for dogs so he can be a model.

Hello from 20 degrees. Which I suppose isn’t nearly as bad as some of you are experiencing (looking at you, New England).

(well I would look at you if you weren’t buried in snow. My sympathies. Compared to that, a couple of chilly toes and a frozen pond isn’t terrible…)

Friends, I just want you to know that one of my few resolutions is to keep up with this blog. Which I imagine might be a recipe for not keeping up with it, depending on how cynical you are about resolutions, but I am cheerfully confident about my plan. That said, I would like for you to know that I haven’t just been neglecting it since my update. I’ve also been spending the holiday month in Florida first on the beach with a passel of cheerful Italians and my very sick sweetie for Christmas, and then getting married. So, y’know, as far as excuses go, that’s a good one, yeah?



So, as we’ve established, and all know, the changing of a year is a ripe moment for overconfident goal making. It’s almost compulsive. Even if you’re staunchly against the entire idea of it, deep down your find yourself secretly thinking ‘well, if I were¬†the type of person to make a resolution, I’d say…’

Don’t deny it. It’s ok. I’m in that category. And, really, after the dumpster fire 2017 was, who doesn’t like a good ‘this year will be different’, right? It’s more like ‘this year HAS to be different, please lord let it be different…’

Kidding aside. This last year wasn’t all that shabby for me personally, if you don’t count having an overfed Count Olaf as a president as personal. My sweetie and I moved to Charlotte, she got a snazzy new job, we got married, I opened my e-store with my creative compatriots (Dancing Ghost Store).

So, resolutions. Why not. Let’s make some resolutions, let’s use the desperation erupting from the burning circus last year was to fuel a stratospheric rise to greatness for ourselves this year, let’s be optimistic for once, if just because pessimism is so last year. (see what I did there?)

Me, I’m going this year to become the kind of person that actually finishes projects and keeps up with cool things like blogging and creative endeavors, and will resist my squirrel chasing tendencies. Help keep me honest, friends.

So what are some of your resolutions this year? (shameless comment section prompt!)

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