Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the updated site. It’s been in need of a facelift for a while now. In the spirit of the facelift, I’m cleaning out and restarting the blog, in a way. You can find all the previous posts in my Tumblr blog, jrocketibanez.tumblr.com, although I’ll be reposting them here now and again.

My little family is now living in Charlotte, NC, and let me tell you, this place is charming. The fall leaves, having ingested the rainbow, are now falling like very enthusiastic rain in Florida. By which I mean heavily and all at once. There is nothing more charming than a beagle in a pile of leaves, and a pile of leaves is exactly what our entire yard is right now. He’s a happy old man. As is the littlest one, pictured to the right, considering that for once he’s not hot, with all that fur. We’re spending any time we can outside enjoying the cold, considering that we haven’t really experienced cold back in Florida in, like, 3 years. There’s something about the change of seasons, any change of seasons, that creates a feeling of rightness in the body. So, yeah, we’re enjoying it, and enjoying observing our various systems, physical, spiritual, emotional, get back in the healthy custom of cycles and seasons and shift and change.

Such as it is with this season, my favorite season by the way, life is all about transition and making space for new things, and letting go of the old. Or, as it may be, re-embracing the even older, which has been sitting and waiting patiently for you to go about your growth and exploration. You’ll be seeing more writing here, any one who’s reading my little website, along side the art.

So, here’s hoping my attention span keeps up. Happy Sunday.

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